Other Cool Stuff

This is where we keep all the remaining Creatures stuff that are not Norns or Cobs. Read on, and download what you want!  (Archive Note: This page was considerably more capacious when the site was running.  As most of the content of this page is now out of date, the obsolete content was removed, leaving this page somewhat bare.)

Yay!  We finally have some stories!  I was making an attempt to write one, but it was very bad, and never progressed beyond the 1st chaper or so.  But anyway, here is our first ever MECF exclusive story!  The author, Vera88, says that there shall be a sequel.  So, check it out!

Out of the Void- By Vera88- Grendels and Norns are enemies, right?  But maybe there is an enemy that would destroy grendels and norns alike!  This is a very powerful story centered on a very unusual norn and his grendel counterpart.  -Download now-66.5 kb

Tips and Tricks
   The LifeSaver Trick-
            If you have ever used the Genetic Splicing Machine (GSM), you know the feeling when the purple flashes in the cages go away and both of the creatures that you put in those cages are gone. So, we found out a way to save at least one of those furry little guys (does not apply to Grendels!!) from death. Read how to do it:
    1. Place two Creatures in the cages of the GSM, as usual, and chose the one that you want to save.
    2. Press THE  START BUTTON and quickly center your hand over the button of the cage that holds your selected Creature.
    3. The moment those purple flashes appear in the cages, quickly press the green cage button. In this step, timing is cruicial! If you press it before the purple flashes, the Creature's DNA will not become part of the resulting egg, but too late, and, well, you know... :,(  If you did it right, the flashes in the cage shoud stop moving (just a glitch, it will go away next time you use the GSM)
    The Creature on whose cage you pressed the button will (if you did it right) remain in the GSM room, unharmed.

A cure for cyanide!
 If your norn is poisoned by cyanide and faints, first give the norn a 100% shot of Sodium Thiosulphate. Then, give your norn a 100% shot of Defibrillant to wake it up. This must be done rapidly. Sodium Thiosulphate levels will suddnly drop, and so will Cyanide!

Also, we think that Arnica may be a counteracting agent for Heavy Metals. Give it a try!

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