Welcome to the MECF GenLab!  This is where all of our strange "stuff" relating to Norns will now be placed.  We will put many different types of genetically-altered Norns and other assorted Creatures.  This page also has all of the old Creature-related projects from the Projects page.

Coming Soon:  The Chlorophyll Norns

The Space Grendels
Story: Long ago, back when the Shee had just left, a advanced race of Grendels decided to attack Albia. The Grendels figured, "Hey, Norns are stupid, right? We can invade this planet without any trouble." To do so, they put on Norn disguises that made them look like Norns. Unfortunately for them, they forgot to mask thier voices to sound like Norns, and thier costumes had norn body parts so mismatched that the most advanced breeder would have a challenge producing them. The Norns overlooked this when the invasion began, but the Hand didn't (another thing they forgot was the Norn's guardian, the Hand.), so the Grendels were sent into hiding and eventually died out. But, two eggs survived... could the invasion continue? One spring day, a Norn happened to wander across a small cave. Inside was an egg. Thinking it was a toy, the Norn carried it back to the Incubation room- and placed it accidentally in the incubator...
Download:47.3 kb

The 103 Elements Norn Pack
Finaly, the long-awaited 103 Elements Pack is back! A giant collection of 103 Norns, this batch is a breeder's dream! Tons of norns, randomly created from several different breeds. You should not need many extra sprites to see most of these norns.
Archive Note:  I no longer have the original file for this project, and Fortunecity shut down my alternate account.  Hence, this file can no longer be downloaded.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

  The Biosheld Ettins
These are not your average Ettins: They are oblivious to Cyanide, Belladonna, and Heavy Metals!! This prevents them from dying on their own if they accidentally eat a badplant or something else with poisons in it, and keeps them from developing Heavy Metal poisoning from the volcano. This genome can be used to replace the original Cyberlife Ettin gene, so that all Ettins hatched in the wild will have these qualities. Read the Readme file for more info! Get Them NOW!!!
Download the Bioshield Ettins, 89.6 KB

HyperBreed V 1.0
These Norns were are first attempt at gene editing.  They have edited genes that help them breed better. The changes include:

1. When a female slaps a male or vice versa, the recipient of the slap gets a sex drive boost, and very little pain. This gene also turns on only at adolesence.(so therefore, young creatures are not even aware of and are not affected by other creatures slapping them!)
2. The female's basic response to laying an egg has been modified to not be painful and will not cause other bad feelings. Instead, her response will be, "hmm, that felt kinda odd..."

Although nothing is overly exciting about their brains or appearance, they will be a serious help to breeders. The zip includes a male and female for each basic type of norn (6 norns in total) and a .gen file for each type. Get 'em by clicking here!