Welcome to the page where all of our COBs are posted for download. Most Cobs include a readme file. We have created four, and more are in the works! Click the name to download. Our sprites are not that good yet, but considering that we only have MS Paint at our disposal... well, that's how good they are going to be until we can get some 3d grahphic-rendering program.
Note: we are using species numbers 64890-64925.  Please do not use those numbers.

COB                                    Description
Poison Punch A powerful poision. A bottle of it will knock off a grendel or a poor creature whose genetics are so bad that it is kinder to put it to death. So, be careful where you put this.

Grendel Rap Radio v. 1.3
This radio plays a grendels favorite rap song! Our second COB!  It will actually make Bony Grendels dance! (p.'s.! if you have version 1.0 or 1.2, don't use it any more upon download of this!) Oh, and keep this away from Norns. You'll see what we mean. Brand new script changes to make it act better.
Hot Chocolate v.1.1 A tasty, throat warming drink for your chilly norns. Another wonderful COB by us. :-)
Comfort Blankie A homely toy that shee mothers gave to their babies to comfort them.
Phone A phone to satisfy your teenage norns. Makes real phone sounds and issues loneliness decrease,  fear decrease, and 2 other helpful chemicals.
Krakeet Fruit Vendor Vends the fruit of the Krakeet plant, which is related to the Albian Pear. The fruits are very healthy and are loaded with Vitamin C.
Comfort Tree A cheery tree to decorate your world. It is movable and large. As well, in gives lonely and restless norns a little comfort when pressed.
Edible Pumpkin This may sound strange, but this is a pumpkin your norns can actually eat! Plenty of good vitamins and starch just like any veggie should. A reliable antidote to all that Halloween candy :-)
Country Time Lemonade
Give your Norns the nice flavor of Country Time Lemonade, in a huge, Norn-height 20oz. bottle!  Sprites made with real botttles and labels.  *Coming soon: more sodas!
The Nornball An immensely useful COB by Lis Morris. Acts like a scuba kit and life preserver for Creatures. Place it over creatures to either take a dip in the ocean or wake up an unconscious creature. Read the Readme file for more info.
Laptop Computer Another very useful COB by JayD. With patience, will teach your norns all of the words. Much faster than the learning computer.
Chicken Soup A helpful (and tasty!) COB that will make norns smile and will help the sick norns recover. By LummoxJR. Norns will swig down gallons of it!