(I no longer support or endorse JRChat.  I am leaving this page in place only for the purpose of leaving it how it was originally. --Muffin)

Welcome to the JRChat page! JRChat has become one of the most famous chat rooms in the Creatures Community. Here you can talk with other Creatures fans. But remember, behave! Not following the rules below will get you in trouble. The chatting applet itself was created by LummoxJR. Please read the rules!!! (Note: This is not our chat, it is merely a window to the JRChat, which is hosted on many Creatures websites in the Creatures Community. The following info is also written by LummoxJR.)

Guidelines and Netiquette

Unlike ICE chat, this chat does have operators who will, when present, keep things orderly. Go ahead and chat freely, but just remember that manners count. These are some important things you should know:

    Never scroll. Scrolling is when a person types line after line of garbage, or makes extremely long lines of text which wrap around and take up several lines. Either way, the text scrolls up, making it hard for people to read. For such an offense, an op may kick or gag without warning. (There are more borderline cases, with long lines that don't wrap around, but are still much longer than they need to be. Lines like "Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" are like that, and can be considered scrolling also.)
    Please watch the language. Most people are good about this, but it's important. Pretty much anything PG-rated is fine, but true vulgarity is another matter.
    Don't shout constantly. Shouting is when a user types in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. IT'S VERY ANNOYING. PEOPLE GET SICK OF IT FAST. It's okay to emphasize a single word now and then that way, but just don't shout all the time.
    No stat questions, please. This means things like "How old are you?", "What gender?", "Where do you live?", etc. To a certain extent a question put to someone you know, or done via private message, is all right, but don't ask general "Age/gender everyone?" questions.
    Don't poll. Polling is a question like "If you like dogs press 1"--anything that asks a question of everyone in the room and demands a specific response. Polling is annoying beyond belief. One of the reasons stat questions are so despised is that they are a form of polling.
    No Role Playing Games, or acting out characters or Norns, etc. (a hint to avoid this: don't use the .me <action> command too much!)

Commands and how to use them

-Regular commands-
.quit -Leaves the chat. This command isn't necessary to log out.
.join <room> -Joins a room. Unlike in ICE, you cannot create your own rooms--you must join an existing room.
.me <action> -Emote (i.e., "Bob looks around.")
.msg <name(s)> <message> -Send private message; separate names with commas, but no spaces, for multiple         messages at once.
.who [room] -See the user list of a room (the current room is the default).
.whois <name> -Get information about a user.
.whereis <name> -Find a user.
.users -See the complete user list.
.rooms -See a list of rooms.
.roominfo [room] -Get information about a room.
.ignore OR .plonk <name>
.unignore OR .unplonk <name> -Ignore/unignore a user. (This is based on IP address, so you can ignore someone for good.)
.ignorelist -See a list of users you are ignoring.
.isignoring -<name> Find out if someone is ignoring you.
.banlist -See a list of banned and kicked addresses.
.isgagged [name] -Find out if you or someone else are gagged.
.keepoutlist -See a list of people who are not allowed in the room.
.iplookup <IP>- Shows a list of users with a given IP address.
.ignorebyip <IP> -Ignores someone with a given IP address.
.color bg <color> - Changes the background color. You must type the color in hexidecimal form.
.color fg <color> - Changes the foreground color. You must type the color in hexidecimal form.
.clear - Clears the chat room screen.
.say - says something literally, instead of
.help <command> -Gives help for any command.

SysOp/TempOp commands
.kick <name> -Kick a user out of chat temporarily. (TempOps can only kick users in their own room.)
.keepout <name>
.unkeepout <name>
.keepoutbyip <IP> -Keep a user out of the room--they are still free to enter other rooms. .unkeepout readmits the user. (TempOps can only keep users out of their own room, temporarily.)

SysOp-only commands
.gag <name>
.ungag <name> -Keeps a user from speaking; ungag allows them to talk again.
.ban <IP>
.unban <IP> -Bans or unbans an IP address. Partial IPs (i.e., "123.204.99") may be used.
.op <name>
.deop <name> -Makes another user a TempOp, or revokes TempOp status.
.permroom <room>
.unpermroom <room> -Creates a new, permanent room, or makes a room temporary again. Rooms that are always permanent can't be modified.
.setroom <item>=<value>
.unsetroom <item> -Sets data about the room, such as "Topic=Weather". Rooms that are always permanent can't be modified.

Custom-Made Private JRC Windows!
We will make custom JRC windows complete with a title, introductory text, a background color of your choice, a tailored JRC applet window with your choosing of background or foreground color and automatic logon with your username! These HTML files can simply be placed on the hard drive.Click here to see an example.
To get one, send us e-mail with:
Auto-login username
Page title
Intro text
Applet foreground/background color
Page background color
Color of text

Getcha one today! (please give us around 2 weeks to respond to your message)