The Haver Chat Protocol: A Primer
An enlightening guide by Eric Goodwin

Chapter 2: Nuts and Bolts

2.1 - A Protocol Example

To show you how easy Haver is, I shall begin by showing you an example of a brief chat session. Text sent by the client is in purple boxes, while text sent by the server is in orange (this is how it will be for the rest of this primer). Tabs are represented with a broken bar ( ). You need not understand all of this yet, though you'll probably get most of it.

HAVER HaverClient/1.0 auth,ghost
HAVER HaverServer/1.0
XXX - This needs to be finished out.

2.2 - How the Protocol Works: Formatting

2.3 - The Wonderful World of Entities

2.4 - An Entity By Any Other Name

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