The Treehouse

Probably the most fun rooms for me to make and test
This cob comprises anothe two levels added above the original treehouse btween the Grendel tree and the Apricot Tree, both of which now produce fruit (the Grendel Tree is an apple tree). There are also basket lifts between the levels.

Vast Passageway

Probably the most useful room I've made
This cob extends the Music room west, filling in the Pond in the process and openeing up a long space for living quarters. It also links this to the kitchen area, making travel between the Theatre and the House much quicker.

The Basement

The longest room I've made
The Basement cob links the cellar of the Temple to the House basement using a platform over the water where the raft drifts back and forth. It also opens a passage between the Shower area and the bottom of the Lighthouse. This creates one vast underground room from the east end of the larger ocean to the west end of the jungle.