Alba Norns for C1

Selene on the left and Monty
Alba norns are a C2 (Creatures 2) breed I have retro-converted for the enjoyment of C1 players.

They use Norn Slot 6, usually reserved for Ron norns. If you install this then any Ron norns (or norns with Ron parts) in your world will change appearance. Installing Ron norns (using the Life Kit) will replace the Alba sprites and return Ron norns to revert back to their usual look.

Blonde and Brunette Norns

Adult female and male
Here is a blond male and a brunette female, a new variety of Horse norns.

** Please backup your original horse norns.
If you don't know how to do this, then contact me for backup copies using the contact form on the home page.

Zebra Geordie Norns

Ezona and Equid
These norns are created using sprites from the C2 Zebra norns and Fantasia norns by Mummy of Mummy's creatures. Now you can have stripey norns in C1.

Ghostly Norns

Spook and Spectre
These are transparent norns for that Halloween spookiness. The pack comes with their firstborn baby, Boo. Named after a character in Monsters Inc.