Fern in the jungle
The Fern cob creates a plant with edible berries just to the right of the Temple.


Goldfish in the ocean
The Goldfish cob adds fish of many
different colours to the main ocean.

The different coloured goldfish swim
at different speeds.

Ocean Platform

Norns enjoying the Platform
The Ocean Platofrm does what it says on the tin, it allows creatures to walk across the smaller ocean (sea?).

The Zip also contains cobs for making it compatable with Tempe 2 and Grentree Platform.

Map Locator

Map Locator showing several creatures
The Map Locator shows green dots where you can find norns, red for grendels, blue for ettins, and white for shee/geats. Clicking on the map takes you to that location (like the Tickets For The Hand cobs)